About CreditUnion724

As a division of Info724 Ltd., CreditUnion724 is a full-service process and IT consulting firm focused on the needs of credit unions. We provide Business Process Improvement, IT Strategy, and Implementation of operational changes and software solutions. With our full marketplace knowledge of credit union solutions, we serve the credit union industry with objective expertise that is independent of all software vendors. For our larger clients, we have been successful in providing the project-specific delivery capacity using our resources on a temporary basis. Our professional staff members have an average of 15 years of experience in the industries of credit union and technology, and can provide mission-critical skills such as project management, business analysis, and systems analysis.

We feature a best practice library of credit union functional knowledge based on the deep domain knowledge of our experienced staff, combined with technology expertise and project management capability. Many clients enjoy our specialty in the area of “Ease of Doing Business” through Agency workflow improvement. As an unbiased voice in the marketplace of credit union interface software packages, we enable credit unions and agencies to work seamlessly together – pushing operational processes to a Portal or via Upload in a secure manner to empower CSRs and policy holders. This helps credit union carriers and their producers to be more competitive through our strategy, design, and implementation leadership. This helps your extended organization and partners to achieve the path of least resistance for placing business, and in a manner that producers are willing to utilize. We provide the analysis, strategy, and implementation to help you with performance monitoring of key metrics for leads, quotes, submissions, along with profit and loss measures by agent, line of business, and market segment

CreditUnion724 concentrates on only three service areas… Business Process, IT Strategy, and Implementation. Because we are independent and objective, you can count on us to consistently deliver in a way that is loyal and committed to your needs. Our knowledge of credit union software packages enables us to be your Go-To firm for software evaluation. We leverage a field-ready version of the industry standard Six Sigma approach of DMAIC along with appropriate credit union functional knowledge, project management, risk mitigation, and skills transfer to client personnel. This means we have the tools and techniques to diagnose your particular circumstances, then we find and solve the root cause so that you save time and money. Our approach also includes profound methods for Cost-Benefit and ROI analysis, and we bridge the gap by spanning from business expertise through IT expertise for system implementation.

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement is measuring how a business process or function is performed today,  finding and fixing the root causes, and implementing an improved scenario.

  • Reduce Your Operating Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Streamline Key Reports

IT Strategy

IT Strategy is based on a holistic operational process approach and includes the analysis to make a solid Buy verus Build decision.  The alternative paths need to be well-defined, fact-based, and should utilize a best practice business case technique taking the needs of all stakeholders into consideration.  A sensible amount of quantification helps you make sure IT dollars are not wasted and in fact that they are most effectively spent. We can mentor our client’s lieutenant level staff on this so they can do it themselves or we’ll do this part on our client’s behalf behind the scenes.

  • Requirements based on process needs and a solid Buy versus Build analysis
  • Knowledge of Industry Packages
  • Creation of a sensible enterprise Roadmap from our independent perspective


Implementation is good project management to deliver the systems and/or business process improvement on time and on budget.

  • End-to-end implementation and installation of credit union systems
  • Post-live support
  • Extensive user training and documentation
Here are some examples of how you can benefit from our skills and experience with information technology in the credit union industry:
  • We know credit unions, so you don’t have to teach us your business.
  • We know credit unions, so we can speak your language and translate among your users, management, and “techies.”
  • We have knowledge about the vendor software packages that are available in the industry and can help save your valuable time and to avoid wasted effort.
  • When you need quick, short-term help such as for the testing phase, requirements analysis or to jumpstart the project you just haven’t gotten to yet, we can be there for you.
  • We negotiate on your behalf very effectively, thus saving you money.
  • We can help you plan ahead and define your budget, so you know what you’re up against before you start or continue down a risky path.
  • We are not biased towards any particular credit union software package or technology, so we’re working on behalf of your best interests.
  • We’ll manage your IT vendors for you in a structured way to make sure they fulfill their promises to you.
  • We’ll architect a solution that works for you by seeing the whole picture. Both your goals and technology constraints need to be considered.